A Large Area for Carpets and Art

For the home and the office. To add as furnishing, just because you want to, or for collecting. There are many different reasons to buy a carpet. And the “Mercante d'Oriente” is always the right place, with its more than 1,000 carpets and carpets and rugs displayed in six rooms, for a total of 500 square metres of display area on two floors. Located in “Corso Sant'Anastasia” in a historic building in the heart of the historical centre of Verona since 1981, our company is a point of reference for the whole of northern Italy. A wide selection of antique and contemporary carpets and rugs is available, along with ethnic styles, design, neo-decorative, and what we call“technical” products which are made to measure, which are part of the ArtepItalia brand: it is almost impossible to leave our showrooms without finding the most suitable carpet for your needs, space requirement and budget. The Mercante d'Oriente is a showroom that was founded by Tiziano Meglioranzitiziano who is also the manager, and it represents an international showcase not only of carpets, but also of antique art objects including Japanese and Chinese furnitures, as well as objects from Precolumbian and Chinese archaeology.

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